so I was thinking that mark ruffalo sounds a lot like mark buffalo, and then i decided that i obviously wasn’t going to be the only one who thought about this. so i typed ‘ruffalo the buffalo’ into google images and i found these…




i don’t know why but it made me happy 

I don’t know why but it makes me happy too.


I found out that if you give your tomato plant adequate water and fertilizer you run the risk of it never flowering because consistently comfortable conditions convince the plant that there is no environmental pressure to spread and reproduce.

You can literally be a helicopter tomato parent and grow a spoiled directionless manchild tomato plant.

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Joyce Manor - See How Tame I Can Be (Acoustic)

see how tame i can be,
in the reflection i watch myself watching tv
and it’s too much to take and so i say to myself
"i never told you that i loved you, because i don’t"

See How Tame I Can Be


I’m right here.
But hey don’t worry about it I don’t care.
Learning to do without it.

“I never told you that I loved you because I don’t.”
See how strange I can seem?
Did I ever tell you about that one dream?


joyce manor vs. stage diver

So in case someone wanted to know what it looked like, there wasn’t a warning. Fuck off with the “expect pain” bullshit.